Stormcrow App Reviews

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Great app, needs to support 280

The app works great but really needs an update to support Twitter’s new higher character limit!

Needs update

Needs support for 280, photos. Pretty useless ATM.

Very functional, improvement needed

Saw this app suggested on the TWIT network. As stated it does have potential but needs to evolve. Only one example (don’t want to pick it apart too bad) is the fact that you have to option to add pics. This should provide all the functional options that Twitter has. I hope to see evolutionary improvements at a steady rate before other developers pass you by. I hope you see this as constructive criticism and you grab this ball and run with it and not fumble.

Doesn't work!

This app doesn't work and needs to be taken off the App Store!

Absolutely wonderful

By far the best tweetstorm app. The interface is a pleasure to use and it just works.

Great start for a niche need

Writing tweetstorms with even the best Twitter clients is difficult, and Stormcrow definitely scratches an itch. Need to play with it a bit, but noticed a couple of things: 1) Saving drafts not obvious—need to "cancel" current session. I suspect that multiple sessions would be common for "tweetstorming" 2) Need to hit return twice to start new paragraph. Maybe allow option for single return? Great start, though. Love to see the app evolve.

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